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COVID-19: The importance of home care agencies staying up-to-date with the latest CDC guidance as new variants emerge

Published on August 29, 2021 by Sharon Morrisette

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While navigating the ever-changing COVID-19 landscape, it is important for every home care agency to regularly review and update its protocols and remain proactive in protecting staff, caregivers, and clients as COVID-19 and its variants continue across the US. 

What are ‘variants’?

Variants are normal and expected. All viruses evolve and undergo changes (mutations) as they spread and replicate in order to survive. Once a virus has undergone enough mutations, it is considered a new variant of the original. 

Scientists monitor all variants but may classify certain types as variants of interest, concern, or high consequence if they:

  • spread more easily
  • cause more severe symptoms
  • are less easy to treat. 

The Delta variant is currently being considered a ‘variant of concern’ by the CDC and WHO and is the predominant COVID-19 strain in the US. It has now been found in every state in the country, putting the focus firmly back on prevention strategies. 

What can my home care agency do?

As scientists continue to study COVID-19 and the emerging variants in the weeks ahead, new information will become available, and new measures may be required/recommended for prevention. 

The CDC continues to regularly update its small business guidance and frequent check-ins with posted updates, which will help your home care agency stay informed and up-to-date with the latest developments.

You can follow all the latest updates on the CDC website and also stay fully informed by signing up for email updatessyndicating available content, and/or subscribing to the CDC’s COVID-19 RSS Feed.

The Smartcare COVID-19 Toolset

To support home care providers across the US as they manage the COVID-19 situation, Smartcare has a full suite of functionality designed specifically to help agencies keep their staff, caregivers and clients safe. 

This suite is available to all home care agencies and customers free of charge as part of Smartcare’s complete digital homecare automation platform. 

Smartcare continues to support home care’s response to COVID-19 with ongoing access to its COVID-19 Toolset for all eligible agencies at no cost. 

The Smartcare COVID-19 Toolset helps home care agencies and providers to monitor, manage exposure risk, and improve safety as they provide care to all clients, including seniors and individuals with special needs.  

Smartcare continues to monitor changes and recommendations from the WHO and the CDC and provides continual updates to its COVID-19 Toolset in response.

To apply for Toolset access, please visit: https://aaniie.com/resources/covid19toolset-apply/

To contact us by email: COVID19@aaniie.com 

To call us: 1-715-227-3768

We recognize that the situation is fluid, and we will continue to make enhancements, as needed, in the service of supporting the home care community and the clients and families they serve.

For more information about Smartcare Software, please visit: aaniie.com