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Aaniie for Franchises

Standardize operations with an all-in-one enterprise home care solution.

Find your operational system partner in Aaniie

  • Manage sites with enterprise KPI dashboards
  • Monitor client satisfaction ratings across business units
  • Standardize operations with no disconnected solutions

Aaniie is the secret sauce to running and managing your home care franchise effectively from every angle. Standardizing your operations with Smartcare creates simplified business practices with reduced overhead.

From overseeing caregiver and client management to managing a robust, integrated CRM and marketing platform, Aaniie is an all-in-one solution for franchise owners and franchisees.

Standardized Operations

Utilizing Aaniie’s next-generation technology to standardize operations across individual agencies leads to reduced overhead with less staff. Agencies find success in Aaniie, making it easier to sell more franchises.

Better Care Coordination

Since all care is recorded in real-time, admins and managers are constantly updated, running daily operations smoothly and cost-effectively.

Smartcare Software offers a simple scheduling process

Improved Billing Accuracy

Make data-driven decisions to improve billing accuracy with real-time visibility into your entire franchise operations including services, billing, and administrative tasks.

Secure Communication

Aaniie’s secure messaging streamlines communication between your admin team, patients/residents, residents’ families, nurses, caregivers, and other service providers.

“Smartcare makes it possible to invoice quickly and move on to other functions. I do not need the added expense of dedicated personnel to handle my weekly invoicing.”
Elaine L.
Acti-Kare Responsive In-Home Care

KPIs with Actionable Data

Aaniie’s real-time KPIs are the secret sauce you need to understand your franchise’s performance across all locations. The Corporate KPI dashboard makes it easy to view franchise locations at a glance showing top performers or those in need of improvement, as well as track revenue and make adjustments to achieve your goals.

Sales & Marketing Tools

Manage your marketing campaigns in one place with Aaniie’s integrated marketing tools. Aaniie makes it easy to track, nurture, and onboard clients across franchises with a complete CRM platform.

Smartcare Home Care Software KPI Dashboard
improve caregiver retention

Hiring & Advanced Caregiver Retention

Aaniie’s award-winning toolset, including Caregiver Rewards and Aaniie’s ENGAGE Hiring Hub, allows you to recruit, hire, and engage employees all in one place.

With Aaniie, you can convert an applicant to an employee with the touch of a button. And with Aaniie’s custom forms, your unique onboarding process becomes easy.

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