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Improve Caregiver Retention

Leading the home care industry with our award-winning caregiver retention toolset.

Making technology part of the solution

A top challenge for most home care agencies is retaining caregivers – with average turnover rates currently exceeding 64%. Your home care software should help you avoid this trend.

Smartcare’s complete home care platform gives you access to home care’s most innovative approach to engaging and retaining caregivers.

Smartcare includes everything you need to simplify care management and build strong relationships with your caregivers to keep them connected, motivated, and loyal to your agency.

Engaged caregivers = higher retention = better-quality care = satisfied clients.

Maintain caregiver engagement and motivation

Recognition and reward are powerful tools crucial for retaining top talent and keeping your caregivers happy. Embedded loyalty tools can gamify caregiver engagement to make the job more than a paycheck.

Smartcare’s Caregiver Rewards system makes it easy to keep your caregivers connected, engaged, and motivated, allowing your agency to offer rewards for meeting ideal performance criteria, like clocking in on time and picking up extra shifts.

Smartcare’s innovative one-stop home care agency software puts you in complete control to achieve the highest engagement and retention levels in the market.

Using Smartcare will help you unlock the solutions to caregiver engagement and retention while also solving a wide range of operational challenges.

Enhance caregiver/client relationships

Good relationships between caregivers and their clients/patients can significantly impact caregiver retention. Matching the right caregiver to the right client helps create a strong bond and significantly reduces caregiver turnover.

With Smartcare’s unique machine learning technology and matching algorithms, you can easily find the right caregiver for the right client every time.

You can also tailor your matching solutions to local market criteria, further cementing the caregiver-client connection and driving even more robust caregiver retention rates.

Once matched, Smartcare’s user-specific mobile point-of-care app gives each caregiver a unique, easy-to-use connection to your agency, their clients, and their client’s families.

Using Smartcare’s chat, messaging, and family portal communication tools, the management burden shifts from the caregiver to technology. Your caregivers can spend more time focused on their clients and building those all-important bonds. 

Caregiver Retention the Smartcare Way

At Smartcare, we’re committed to solving the most challenging problems in care. Repeatedly, we heard from our users that their biggest challenge was retaining caregivers.

Using the best-in-class workflows throughout Smartcare’s platform and mobile point-of-care solutions, your caregivers can focus on client care. They can use technology to simplify care management and task recording, increasing their efficiency and job satisfaction.

Caregiver Rewards, the industry’s first embedded loyalty system, which leverages gamification principles to make the job fun – ultimately improving caregiver retention rates.

Advanced matching algorithms identify the right caregiver to be placed with the right patient. This strengthens their bond and increases caregiver retention rates.

    Mobile point-of-care apps and industry-leading workflows help home care providers achieve some of the highest engagement experience levels in the market.

    Be better connected

    The top complaint from caregivers is ‘lack of communication’ from their agency.

    With Smartcare’s mobile app your caregivers are always connected. The app provides many ways for you and your team to:

    • Streamline and organize all communication
    • Virtually check in with caregivers
    • Bring your team together
    • Communicate clearly with secure messaging and chat
    • Securely add and share documents and information
    • Automate the caregiver notification process for daily scheduling and open shifts
    • Support effective collaboration

    With Smartcare Software, communication with your caregivers is always fast and fluid thanks to the online cloud-based information storage system, HIPAA-compliant chat and messaging, and its point-of-care mobile app.

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