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Caregivers and Nurses

Everything needed at your fingertips with point-of-care mobile Apps so caregivers and nurses can focus on their clients and patients, delivering the best care.

Your Number One Priority is Those You are Caring for

The Benefits

You became a caregiver to treat clients and help patients get better. You did not become a caregiver to spend your time learning software and filling out paperwork. Our easy-to-use system helps you spend more time with clients and less time filling out paperwork due to our digital documentation and telephony capabilities.

Have all the information you need at your fingertips. With Aaniie, you will not need to look through all of your client’s paperwork just to find one piece of information. Find what you need quickly and easily so you can return to caring for clients.

The Importance of Your Employees

Your most valuable business resources are your employees. Finding, screening, and hiring the best caregivers is one of the biggest challenges in the home care industry today.  Quickly hiring the right caregivers is only the beginning. Aaniie provides the tools you need for engaging, coaching, developing, and incentivizing your team.

Aaniie’s Human Resource Management

Your care team is the face of your agency, and your clients want the best for their loved ones. The Aaniie system allows you to track the hiring process each step of the way. Perform candidate screening and background checks all in one system. In addition, ensure staff compliance, tracking key skills, certifications, education, preferences, and other relevant employee details in one place.

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