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Our Story

The Aaniie platform and the foundational ideas behind its innovation began over a decade ago when the founders of Aaniie, formerly known as Smartcare Software, were working for Fortune 50 healthcare technology companies in the acute care hospital market. They realized that basic care needed to move from the hospital and SNF to the home to meet the future demands of our aging population. Hence, they founded Aaniie in Eau Claire, WI, to create and innovate solutions that deliver better outcomes and make quality home care possible through technology.

After creating the foundational platform that provided the necessary EMR functionality and front/back-office solutions, Aaniie embarked on a journey to create a better home care platform by bringing an industry-problem focus to the design process.

Using human design thinking, we put ourselves in the shoes of the providers, caregivers, patients, and their families. We worked with home care professionals and caregivers who understood the home care market and what best practices of care looked like to create our current award-winning Aaniie home care platform.

Today, we are continually adding providers to the Aaniie family of users – from small independent home care agency start-ups to multi-site national home care franchisors across the nation. We work with our customers to constantly gather feedback and suggestions, and we update Aaniie regularly to ensure the platform includes the functions and features that home care agencies want and need while avoiding unnecessary complexity.

For example, our recent innovative solutions to the staffing crisis – using machine learning, advanced patient/caretaker matching algorithms, state-of-the-art workflows, integrated hiring solutions, and gamification -directly result from our focus on the customer.

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