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Home Care Marketing Automation & CRM

Get a competitive edge! Build your brand, find more clients, and grow your home care business with Aaniie’s full marketing and CRM platform.

Sales Pipelines | Lead Generation | Referral Tracking | Reputation Management

Massive growth is coming to home care and your home care software should help you to capitalize on this expanding market, attracting more customers, responding to leads faster, and turning them into clients with one click.

Aaniie’s complete home care platform gives you total access to home care’s most powerful CRM and sales/marketing tools.  Access everything you need from one platform to save time, win more customers, and build strong relationships with your referral sources. 

“Grow 3x faster! Businesses that use CRM, Sales, and Marketing automation solutions as part of their customer acquisition process grow their businesses 3x as fast as those that don’t, achieving first positions in their markets”

Scott Zielski, Sales Strategy Instructor, University of Wisconsin School of Business – Madison, Center for Professional and Executive Development.

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Access a Powerful, Integrated, Sales & Marketing Solution for Your Agency

“We signed up with Aaniie because of their easy-to-use scheduling solution and mobile App for EVV, but it was their marketing automation suite that really made a difference for us. It took our agency from the middle of our market to the clear leader in care for our area. We couldn’t have done that without their comprehensive CRM tools.” Alina S. Hawaii

Start growing your business with three easy steps

Track Relationships
Track Relationships 
Engage With Your Prospects And Community
Engage with your prospects and community
Win More Clients
Win more clients
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CRM, Sales, and Marketing suite designed specifically for home care

  • Home care-specific CRM
  • Marketing Automation
  • Easily develop Sales Pipelines
  • Track advertising campaigns
  • Collect and Reference sales & market intel
  • Customizable to fit your sales process
  • Qualify & rank leads
  • Nurture your top referrals
  • Share data and quickly see trends
  • Measure your ROI

SMART marketing the easy way

Aaniie’s innovative one-stop home care agency software puts you in complete control and sets your agency apart from the crowd. A SMART CRM and marketing database helps you track referrals and leads, build relationships and action follow-ups, and means you can snap up new business before your competitors.

Keep on top of lead generation, run campaigns to reach potential clients, and market your agency like an expert. Winning new contracts and giving confidence to clients and caregivers is so easy with Aaniie. 

Successful marketing relies on reputation. Aaniie has been created by caregivers with a deep understanding of both workflow and the importance of caregiver retention. Now that’s a SMART marketing move.

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Aaniie Sales Benefits

Attract and win more customers with Aaniie’s advanced solution. Track lead sources, convert more referrals into clients, and gain insights into your revenue streams.  Aaniie’s customized, milestone-centric model helps you effectively manage the sales process.

The powerful insights and metrics report the ROI for your marketing activities in real-time. Use Aaniie’s powerful sales and marketing tools and intelligent reporting to differentiate your agency from the competition.

SMART data helps you spot trends

Aaniie’s intelligent reporting helps you spot trends and provides the information you need exactly when you need it, keeping you one step ahead of competitors. Now that’s SMART.

Derive valuable insights and metrics in an instant and access marketing reports for CRM leads. Aaniie’s easy-to-use system gives you everything you need to manage and grow your agency with ease.

Fast | Simple | Smart

Lead your home care market.

In the office or on the move, you can access data, follow-up leads, and smash inquiry response times. Beat competitors in the race for new business using Aaniie’s Sales and Marketing automation.

By Increasing your sales team’s productivity, performance and accuracy, you will accelerate the sales process, ensuring leads don’t fall through the cracks.

Shine as a leading home care agency. 

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Ease your workflow, make marketing simple and grow your business the SMART way

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