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Security is Built-In

Industry-leading security practices to safeguard your information, employees’ information, and clients’ information.


Security is built into Aaniie (formerly Smartcare Software). We employ numerous industry-leading security practices to safeguard your information, employees’ information, and clients’ information.

Our Technology

At Aaniie, we actively secure the technology that involves us, our users, and our cloud hosting provider. We understand that HIPAA and data protection are top priorities, which is why we exercise healthcare IT industry best practices in creating our secure environment.

SOC2 Certification

Aaniie’s successful SOC2 Type 1 examination is a testament to how we manage data with the highest standard of compliance and security. 

With this SOC2 certification, Aaniie has met or surpassed all criteria for managing customer data based on the security trust service principle. This demonstrates our company’s ability to not only implement critical security policies but also prove compliance over an extended period of time.

“Aaniie is dedicated to keeping our customers’ data safe. Achieving SOC2 is a formal acknowledgment that we are doing things the right way and recognition of the hard work that the Aaniie team does every day.”

Robert Smith, Aaniie Chief Operating Officer
Testing & Security Scans

We engage a trusted third party to perform testing and security scans of Aaniie. A penetration test inspects potential exploit points on our application, such as security vulnerabilities, URL manipulation, injection attacks, and information leakage, so amendments can be made, further securing the Aaniie application. 

OWASP Top 10

Aaniie employed a third party to use a variety of automated and manual tools to attempt exploitation focused on known vulnerabilities common in web applications using the Open Web Application Security Project Top 10 list (“OWASP Top 10”). The OWASP Top 10 is a list of critical web application security risks that represent a broad consensus of the most critical security risks to web applications. OWASP project members include a variety of security experts from around the world who have shared their expertise to produce this list.

Cloud Security

Aaniie uses cloud-hosted solutions that use secure servers and services hosting through a best-in-class hosting environment, providing 99.9% uptime. We have industry-standard encryption, ID verification tools, and scheduled, automated back-ups to ensure data is secure.

When Aaniie is accessed using current browser technology, industry-standard encryption (TLS) technology protects information using both server authentication and data encryption to help ensure that data is safe, secure, and available only to you.

If you would like more information regarding the privacy and security of Aaniie, please contact us at info@aaniie.com.